Daily Archives: November 6, 2017

Post-Mortem on the Nationwide “Comcast Outage”

I started getting multiple calls about issues on Comcast this afternoon.  My initial research showed it was not an IP issue, however dns was not responding on the Comcast network.  Comcast has had DNS outages before.  I tested my network by switching to Google DNS servers and i had most…but not all…of my connectivity issues resolved.  I then saw weird routing problems showing..sometimes to Google and others.  I also noticed trying to get to some […]

Intel Graphics FINALLY Die…

I heard about this more than a year ago.  This is one I wanted to sit back on and watch.  Sure enough, after many years of futility, Intel has finally decided to stop torturing us with their craptacular graphics drivers that never fully worked and have decided to integrate some real graphics on them.  Enter AMD/Radeon.  I really didn’t care if it was AMD or Nvidia that Intel went with, jsut dump your crappy graphics.  […]