Comcast Business Fiber Fiobles..Temporarily Stymied

November, 2017: I received an e-mail saying that Comcast has pulled fiber into this area and that their gigabit pro service was available to me as a business class customer.  This is a pure fiber to the premises service that would net me 2 gigabits both up and down.  it comes with an IPV4 /30 and an IPV6 /48(Holy crap!).  While this is some super powerful stuff what was even more ridiculous was the price.  […]

Another client miniaturized

I had a client who recently moved to a new location.  A partial move to the cloud was performed a couple of years ago with the establishment of Google Apps for work account.  This rendered the SBS2003 nearly redundant.  Its only remaining function was domain services and file and print services.  They have also for the past few years only had one computer with the rest of the employees being either remote or always out […]

New WIFI deployment

Am currently working on a WIFI deployment.  The client has a split-level home along with about 1/2 acre of surrounding land.  3 access points cover the large home inside and one long range mounted on his radio mast 40 feet is the air to cover the property.  Might have to put another outdoor point on the lower outbuilding(which has power and Ethernet already run).  Calculations show it’s a 50-50.  Client wants to try it with […]