An Accurate Article About the Mac Trojan Hysteria

…………….. let’s look closely at the facts around the Flashback Trojan causing all this consternation, and clear up what it is versus what it is not, and put the results of the incident in perspective. Yes it’s true that some 600,000 Macs are confirmed to have been infected. The claim, first made by Dr. Web, an outfit I had never heard of, has since been corroborated by Kaspersky Labs, whose research and analysis capabilities are […]

Oh NOES!!! A Mega Virus for MAC!!!!!

Let’s get one thing straight.  The media, as usual, is not only blowing this out of proportion but also not keying on the right part of the problem.  This is not a Mac issue but a java problem.  Java had and exploit(java itself has become an exploit…much like activex..but worse) that apple didn’t patch as quickly as oracle(the developer of java).  Keep in mind that OSX Lion does not contain java so only folks who […]