Comcast Business Fiber Fiobles..Temporarily Stymied

November, 2017: I received an e-mail saying that Comcast has pulled fiber into this area and that their gigabit pro service was available to me as a business class customer.  This is a pure fiber to the premises service that would net me 2 gigabits both up and down.  it comes with an IPV4 /30 and an IPV6 /48(Holy crap!).  While this is some super powerful stuff what was even more ridiculous was the price.  […]

When Virtualization and Comcast Tech Support meet

It comes at a great advantage to the knowledgeable tech when dealing with a company like Comcast who almost never looks to say the issue is on their end in terms of residential accounts.  I just had an issue where at the house where i had severe packet loss resulting in slow speeds and making things nearly unusable here.  I got onto the chat to get them to run a diagnostic.  The diagnostic showed a […]