CDC Cellular Repair

Vendor Spotlight: CDC Cellular Repair, LLC.

The internet is buzzing with “news” of a potential problem with the Apple Iphone 6+ devices with two chips on its main logic board.  One of my vendors alerted me to this more than a year ago. John O’Rangers of CDC Cellular Repair in Frederick, Maryland is the person I turn to when it comes to in depth hardware knowledge of these amazingly complex devices. Over a year ago I was looking at phones for my […]

Get Your Phone Repaired by the Wrong Tech And Your ...

Apple has implemented a system that if you get your screen replaced by a non apple tech your phone is most likely going to be bricked with an error 53.  Apple has confirmed this is expected behavior when a screen replacement results in damage to or the replacement of the touch id sensor or it’s cable.  if you want your idevice properly repaired you need to contact CDC Ceullar Repair.  John specializes in repairing Idevices […]