The Anonomys “victim” list grows.

So the list grows.  Started by a law the request of BofA.  Unless this was gov’t sanctioned there’s already tons of folks needing to get irons.  So far there’s been zero mention of a court order so this is all an illegal attempt.  So the question remains.  Who’s more dangerous…the “hackers” or the mammoth corporations who apparently can do illegal attacks with near impunity? Among the files pulled from those 50,000 stolen emails are what appear to be suggestions by the […]

Palantir Shys Away From HB Gary After the Anonymous Pwnage

HB Gary gets further isolated.  One of the two other companies that assisted HB Gary in it’s illegal witch hunt has now apologized and “severed all ties” to HB Gary.  My question is…why would anyone do business with these companies now anyway?  I understand if you had a court order and were doing this legally.  However the previous article i linked clearly shows this was not a legally authorized set of actions.  Apologies are good..what about prosecutions for the illegal activities for all […]