Comcast Business Fiber Fiobles..Temporarily Stymied

November, 2017: I received an e-mail saying that Comcast has pulled fiber into this area and that their gigabit pro service was available to me as a business class customer.  This is a pure fiber to the premises service that would net me 2 gigabits both up and down.  it comes with an IPV4 /30 and an IPV6 /48(Holy crap!).  While this is some super powerful stuff what was even more ridiculous was the price.  […]

Sophos UTM DNS resolution bug leads to misclassification of web ...

*UPDATE 01\10\2017*  I FINALLY got an error that calls out a file that is faulting.  I started having various ipv6 sites not loading or loading very slowly.  Inspection of the logs showed the following: 2017:01:10-10:19:53 etcutm httpproxy[8853]: id=”0003″ severity=”info” sys=”SecureWeb” sub=”http” request=”0xc3fb6a00″ function=”connect_server_timeout” file=”dns.c” line=”788″ message=”Connection to using IPv6 timed out, re-trying to connect using IPv4″ 2017:01:10-10:19:53 etcutm httpproxy[8853]: id=”0003″ severity=”info” sys=”SecureWeb” sub=”http” request=”0xc3fb7000″ function=”connect_server_timeout” file=”dns.c” line=”788″ message=”Connection to using IPv6 timed out, […]

When you have poor security…BLAME RUSSIA(or whomever else)

When the Yahoo hack was revealed I absolutely dismissed Yahoos assertions of a nation state actor.  I have been waiting for the independent investigations to play out and now the REAL reason for the hack has come out. Yahoo internal security was poor.  Unlike Google, which took security very seriously when they were breached in 2010 along with Yahoo, Yahoo basically sat on their hands when it came to security.  Yahoo KNEW about the bigger […]

Vendor Spotlight: CDC Cellular Repair, LLC.

The internet is buzzing with “news” of a potential problem with the Apple Iphone 6+ devices with two chips on its main logic board.  One of my vendors alerted me to this more than a year ago. John O’Rangers of CDC Cellular Repair in Frederick, Maryland is the person I turn to when it comes to in depth hardware knowledge of these amazingly complex devices. Over a year ago I was looking at phones for my […]

Dell banks the company on turning into a fully vertically ...

With network security such a huge business it stuns me that Dell first bought dinosaur vendor EMC and is now selling most of its other “non-core” assets to others.  Sonicwall is now owned by private equity firm Francisco Partners and hedge fund Elliott Management.  It is going to be a rough time for Sonicwall now and now I have to rethink my partnership with them as I am sure Sonicwall will either get torn apart or […]

ETC announces new network security vendor partnerships with industry leaders

ETC Maryland has the distinct pleasure of announcing three new vendors to its stable of trusted vendors: 1. Sonicwall(Dell) 2. Meraki(Cisco) 3. Cisco   These new partnerships allow ETC Maryland to handle network needs from the smallest home need to our maximum sized jobs and beyond.   I have had to work with each of these companies in the past year and so far responsiveness to any inquiries I have made and any requests for […]

When vendors go boom

Astaro was probably the best edge UTM out there for quite some time.  I used them from the first v4 all the way up until now.  Astaro was then purchased by Sophos and it became a morass of corporate interference, no service to their smaller partners, a series of badly executed acquisitions and unreliable products as a result.  After months of pleading for Sophos to provide me with a license for their new Cyberoam based SFOS […]

Get Your Phone Repaired by the Wrong Tech And Your ...

Apple has implemented a system that if you get your screen replaced by a non apple tech your phone is most likely going to be bricked with an error 53.  Apple has confirmed this is expected behavior when a screen replacement results in damage to or the replacement of the touch id sensor or it’s cable.  if you want your idevice properly repaired you need to contact CDC Ceullar Repair.  John specializes in repairing Idevices […]

Another client miniaturized

I had a client who recently moved to a new location.  A partial move to the cloud was performed a couple of years ago with the establishment of Google Apps for work account.  This rendered the SBS2003 nearly redundant.  Its only remaining function was domain services and file and print services.  They have also for the past few years only had one computer with the rest of the employees being either remote or always out […]

When Virtualization and Comcast Tech Support meet

It comes at a great advantage to the knowledgeable tech when dealing with a company like Comcast who almost never looks to say the issue is on their end in terms of residential accounts.  I just had an issue where at the house where i had severe packet loss resulting in slow speeds and making things nearly unusable here.  I got onto the chat to get them to run a diagnostic.  The diagnostic showed a […]