Domain Privacy, Data Security, and WordPress.

I have seen other web hosting companies claim they have free backups, but what do those backups consist of?   The backups that are offered are simply a copy, compressed into one file and then stored locally on the machine that hosts the site.  Worse yet most times that backup file counts against your disk allocation as well.  There are other hosting companies that provide proper backups, aka at least one copy off of the hosting […]

ETC Maryland Now Offers Free Private Domain Registration For All ...

ETC Maryland is proud to announce that effective today, May 31st, 2018 all domain registrations or renewals will now get private domain registrations at no additional charge.  With online privacy being a large concern and online privacy regulations like the EU GDPR now in force, one source of major information leakage was the registration details required by ICANN for domain registrations.  While this information is still required for registration of an Internet domain,  ETC Maryland […]