Managed IT and ETC Maryland

ETC Maryland has not jumped into the “managed IT” for quite a while now.  My main concerns were anything cloud based.  While ETC Maryland sees the market demand for network monitoring I was unable to find a solution that met my security standards. One of the things I wanted to find is a remote monitoring agent WITHOUT remote access built in. I do not want to route remote access through a third party. Every single […]

How does ETC Maryland’s Hosting Stack up Against Bigger Companies?

I am a Brunswick based webhost and I wanted to let you all know you do not have to overpay the bigger boys for many things that can be provided at a much more reasonable cost..or even for no additional cost. If you look at only the bottom line you will miss out on some features that really matter to small business websites: I am not going to match $3/month against Bluehost(A company I actually […]

The Upcoming SSL Deadline. ETC Maryland Has Been Ready.

ETC Maryland has been offering free SSL certificates for nearly two years now.  Working with Curley Marketing, I saw quickly the need to moving to SSL as Google was already informing SEO partners of their intentions to add SSL as a major ranking signal.  ETC Maryland is determined to offer industry standard features, along with competitive cost with a focus on data security for all web hosting clients.  SSL means all traffic between your computer […]

Hosting Company Pays Massive Ransomware Payment. Is Your Web ...

This is unfortunate.  I do not wish this type of disaster on anybody.  ANY operating system is vulnerable to ransomware…yes even Apple.  This is why I am a big proponent of ransomware resistant backups. ETC Maryland’s web hosting service has superior data protection for your website data.  My third level of backup is ransomware resistant as it is a versioning, cloud based, pre-encrypted backup. This means ETC Maryland has three tiers of of backups totaling […]

ETC Maryland Adds a Third Backup for all Webhosting Accounts

ETC Maryland continues to enhance its data retention capabilities for all hosting accounts.  ETC Maryland has now added a third backup for all web hosting accounts.  Every night the webservers send a backup to an on premise server inside the datacenter for quick access of first level backups.  The next backup is then sent to an offsite server outside of the datacenter for restoration in case of a fault at the datacenter.  The offsite server then […]

ETC Maryland Assists in Website Rescue

I got a call from a friend that I had not been in contact with for quite some time.  He asked if I could help him with his website.  After a good conversation on the phone it turns out what he really needed help with was his server that ran the website.  He had noticed some performance issues and grew concerned about the overall health of his website, The Christian Gamers Alliance.  I agreed to take […]

Why Choose ETC Maryland to Host Your Website

There are tons and tons of companies that can host your website for you.  Within the sea of hosting providers what sets ETC Maryland apart from the others? All accounts receive a free basic SSL Certificate All accounts get a free dedicated IPV6 address All accounts have Gzip compression enabled to help reduce the amount of traffic you use. All servers are backed up twice nightly.  One backup is onsite inside the datacenter.  The other […]

WordPress Security Flaw Under Active Attack. ETC Enhanced/Fully Managed ...

WordPress 4.7 was recently released and they added a new API to make it easier for third parties to integrate with WordPress.  Unfortunately, this new feature was not fully evaluated for its security implications before launching.  This new system went too far in allowing remote access to the point of giving a list of all the users of the site and in some cases allowed the compromise of the site.  It allows attackers to modify the […]

Ad blockers and analytics

I just had an interesting conversation with my web design partner Lori Curley of Curley Marketing.  Third party analytics have gotten caught in the ad blocking drag net.  This means the numbers form third party apps like Google Analytics and Clicky analytics can be wildly skewed into the negative reducing their usefulness for webmasters.  Luckily most web hosts, including Etc Maryland, provide local analytics that are immune to such blocking.  Effectively third party analytics are […]

Progress report on new secure storage and backup

Well this is why research is done before product roll out…:) I purchased a server to use as my new storage host and it turns out the hard drive controller card is not suitable for the server product. Luckily I had another smaller server that will suffice for testing…except for the fact it has a bad chip on the motherboard that prevents the latest version of the storage software from running. Fortunately for me, the version […]