Service Status

Scheduled Maintenance Window

ETC Maryland will be performing various maintenance tasks on it’s server fleet.  The maintenance window is midnight Apr 2nd to 1AM Saturday Apr 2.  During this time websites and other services may experience loss of connections or a total outage due to server reboots and software updates.  This maintenance is to maintain and enhance the security and performance of all clients who use ETC Maryland for their web hosting services.  ETC Maryland appreciates your understanding during […]

ETC Maryland Suffers Major Website Outage

I woke up about 0730 this morning to my phone being alerted that my webserver was offline.  right after that several of my web hosting clients also began texting and messaging me about the issue.  Once i got up I was able to see that not only was my server offline but the entire datacenter that houses my server.  I knew now I had a major issue on my hands as nobody that had websites […]

Emmanuel Technology Consulting launches new website

Emmanuel Technology Consulting in partnership with Curley Marketing has just launched ETC Maryland’s new website. Redeisgned to be more personal and mobile friendly it is now in a user-friendly layout and format along with now matching the colors that ETC Maryland has been shifting to. Give me your feedback either here or you can use the contact us page. I would like to thank Lori Curely of Curley Marketing for the new redesign. Her expertise […]

New site launch post mortem

I am so pleased with the new site.  The site launch looked to be going smoothly until a software update took my servers ability to provide hosting took me offline.  What an embarrassment.  I can hear the questions now.  Didn’t you test the updates?  What was your plan for recovery…etc etc etc.  I actually have a second server dedicated to testing system updates on.  It has the same setup as the server that provides my […]