My Local Backup Strategy

I have not been at my computer as much and I missed the fact that March 31st was world backup day.  This article on extremetech details some of the author’s backup plans. I wanted to have ransomware resistant backups at all levels so my system is a bit more elaborate: Backups are handled by Windows server backup for local backups and CrashplanPro for cloud backups of the entire R610. Windows server backup will not do […]

If You Pay The Ransom Do You Get Your Data ...

Ransomware is now making it into mainstream television.  Chicago Med(Season 2 Episode 19) has an episode where they get hit with ransomware.  Unlike Hollywood though most folks who pay loose not only their money but also their data.  I have never been an advocate of having pay the ransom as any line of defense.  Being ransomware resistant is not as difficult or as expensive as trying to recover your data from ransomware criminals.  The big […]

Another Ransomware Package is Spreading Rapidly

There is a new ransomware package spreading worldwide and it is even getting more companies in the US then WannaCry hit. It uses the Petrwrap ransomware package. This package leverages known vulnerabilities that have had patches out for quite some time. If you are not sure your systems are up to date on their software updates contact me to do a network audit. I will also let you know if your backups are ransomware resistant […]

Hosting Company Pays Massive Ransomware Payment. Is Your Web ...

This is unfortunate.  I do not wish this type of disaster on anybody.  ANY operating system is vulnerable to ransomware…yes even Apple.  This is why I am a big proponent of ransomware resistant backups. ETC Maryland’s web hosting service has superior data protection for your website data.  My third level of backup is ransomware resistant as it is a versioning, cloud based, pre-encrypted backup. This means ETC Maryland has three tiers of of backups totaling […]

The Worldwide Ransomware Outbreak.

Ok the news is on fire with news of a massive malware attack.  This malware is called ransomware.  I have been talking about ransomware since early last year and I have been talking about how to not get yourself infected since 2010. When I started this company I had already been watching and fighting malware.  I had a pretty good plan of some basics to not get yourself infected.  Rules 1-4 were the primary rules […]

UEFI is a rich crapware repository.

I posted about a system API inside of Microsoft Windows that allows OEM to put in unremovable software that resides in the UEFI of motherboards.  UEFI is the new “BIOS”.  The possibilities for UEFI problems have been known since at least 2012 as this google search shows. I have a client who uses laptops to run their audiology hearing testing equipment.  We recently had to replace one of the laptops with a newer one manufactured by […]

Ransomware: Cheaper to Pay Than to be Properly Prepared?

I saw an article about this recently and went searching for an earlier publication date.  This type of thing is typical of a first response, knee-jerk reaction because somebody found a hole in your procedures and this at the time seems to be the cheapest way out.  Like all thugs though paying them off simply encourages more of the same behavior and does nothing to guarantee that you will get your data back.  Like many other […]

Ransomware is now web enabled. E-mail is not the ...

Windows has issues that make it easy for this type of infection to take hold: Javascript once it gets onto the system is run by the Windows Scripting Host which has a very high level of system access. Windows hides file extensions so the .js extension isn’t shown. Javascript is a very powerful language that windows runs at a high privilege level.  Sophos UTM products have been able to block this for some time […]

Ransomware is here. Empower yourself to guard against this ...

Story after story are being reported about many places being hit with ransomware. Protecting yourself against the effects of ransomware do not have to be overly complex or expensive. When it comes to backups, local backups are no longer enough. You REALLY need proper cloud based, secure backups. Local backups can be taken down by ransomware. Cloud backups, for now, are not as susceptible. Despite what some shortsighted headlines scream you are NOT powerless to protect yourself […]

Backups In The Age of Ransomware

I have been watching with concern as ransomware spreads nearly unchecked throughout the world.  Many ways are being discussed but I chose to focus on recovery.  Local backups are now no longer safe as if you get a ransomware infestation these malware packages start encrypting everything it can see..files on your server and any attached devices.  This can(and often does) include your backup devices. How can you protect yourself?  Pre-encrypted cloud based versioning backups. I […]