Research Projects

Managed IT and ETC Maryland

ETC Maryland has not jumped into the “managed IT” for quite a while now.  My main concerns were anything cloud based.  While ETC Maryland sees the market demand for network monitoring I was unable to find a solution that met my security standards. One of the things I wanted to find is a remote monitoring agent WITHOUT remote access built in. I do not want to route remote access through a third party. Every single […]

My Local Backup Strategy

I have not been at my computer as much and I missed the fact that March 31st was world backup day.  This article on extremetech details some of the author’s backup plans. I wanted to have ransomware resistant backups at all levels so my system is a bit more elaborate: Backups are handled by Windows server backup for local backups and CrashplanPro for cloud backups of the entire R610. Windows server backup will not do […]

Spectre and Meltdown. How Susceptible Are you?

There’s a ton of crap running around about these vulnerabilities.  This video talks about the vulnerabilities on a user level and gives some background on exactly where the problem lies and much you should worry.  A technical paper on this is upcoming.  This is only a basic overview so the non-techies out there can truly understand what is going on.

New firewall platform research project

I have grown weary of the proprietary vendors or vendors who start off Open Source and then switch to closed source while code quality and value for both me and my clients goes down.  Even though I ahve partnered with Sophos and Dell their products do not meet every objective that I have listed here.I have been researching my theoreticals for my new secure file storage/offsite backup/ cloud backup solution for about 6 months and […]

My latest research project. Secured local NAS storage with ...

I have been pondering this for a while.  I wanted to build something that would act as either as a local backup target with offsite backup capabilities or as a full blown network storage device with the same capabilities.  If this works I will be able to offer my clients secured local storage capabilities with secured offsite storage that is not only encrypted in transfer but encrypted at rest.  Here is how it would work: […]