0day Linux/CentOS SSHd Spam Exploit — | Security, Server ...

HOW TO FIND OUT IF YOU HAVE BEEN ROOTED: ls -la /lib64/ rpm -qf /lib64/ ls -la /lib/ rpm -qf /lib/ If you find the file and RPM shows “is not owned by any package” you have been rooted. Currently known affected OSes:  RHEL-based servers Currently known effected control panels:  cPanel, DirectAdmin, and Plesk we do not know if controls panels are the reason or not. Servers with ksplice have been exploited via 0day Linux/CentOS […]

Samba 4 Means the end of the Microsoft Stranglehold Networking

The team behind the Samba Project has released version 4.0 of its open source Windows interoperability software suite, the first version to offer full compatibility with Microsoft’s Active Directory protocols. The Samba stack is by far the most popular solution for networking non-Microsoft platforms with Windows machines, but previous versions only provided Windows NT Domain Controller functionality. According to the Samba Team’s press release, Samba 4 can now act as an Active Directory Domain Controller […]

Thieves Hack Barnes & Noble Point-of-Sale Terminals at 63 Stores ...

Your vendors card reader taken over by a rogue credit card.  I’ve seen this on tv but never thought it was for real.  This is why i constantly tell folks to update EVERYTHING they can…even card readers now are computers running..Linux.  However there was a vulnerability in the app for the reader which allowed any firmware update to be installed… without checking for authenticity.  Simply swiping a card told the reader to go download a new reader software that not only […]

How to Fix The Quickbooks Problem

I mentioned in an earlier post about how Quickbooks ties many accountants to Windows.  Well I’ve found a partial yet money-saving workaround.  We leverage virtualization even more but not in the typical way.  Instead of setting up a NAS/DAS/SAN you run it off local stoarge.  For SMB’s this saves on costs both short and long run.  Allow me to explain: First you need to figure out exactly how many of your employees actually do work inside of […]


Comment: Apple versus Samsung verdict was a complete mess – ...

This is what i thought.  A jury in Silicon Valley with bias towards Apple(seeing Jobs as nearly a deity) has now been seen by their own words as stepping outside the bounds of not only their instructions but also of their own “expertise”.  this jury verdict would be tossed on those grounds alone.  Samsung…if their lawyers rate their bar certifications) should also be able to get this tossed on the ignoring of prior art.  this verdict was bogus […]


One benefit to the Cloud…The end of Microsoft Dominance on ...

I’m not a huge fan of the cloud. It is based on simply refarmed mainframe technology and based on a broken security model. However for those who really make the jump to a truly all cloud system there’s one major benefit. Your desktop software costs go to zero…literally. Allow me to explain. If you truly decide that you are going to go everything in the cloud(and I mean browser based clouds not one you need […]

Patent troll claims ownership of interactive Web—and might win

Eolas has already won millions from Microsoft for Office.  This has now fueled their appetite for more since Microsoft tried the appeasement route and settled.  Whether with guns or software patents terrorists should be destroyed..not appeased.  This could have huge implications on the web as we know it today. Patent troll claims ownership of interactive Web—and might win.

The Kindle Family vs the Nook Family Vs the Andriod ...

If you are only doing books then the kindle and nook work great…but they are only for either Amazon(kindle) or Barnes and Noble(the nooks).  I would recommend you go with a full function tablet if you want to do anything more.  You can get amazon apps for all things Amazon and Barnes and noble apps for those vendors as well.  You also then have the Android market(something the Kindles and Nooks do NOT have access to) to flesh out the rest […]