Progress report on new secure storage and backup

Well this is why research is done before product roll out…:) I purchased a server to use as my new storage host and it turns out the hard drive controller card is not suitable for the server product. Luckily I had another smaller server that will suffice for testing…except for the fact it has a bad chip on the motherboard that prevents the latest version of the storage software from running. Fortunately for me, the version […]

New firewall platform research project

I have grown weary of the proprietary vendors or vendors who start off Open Source and then switch to closed source while code quality and value for both me and my clients goes down.  Even though I ahve partnered with Sophos and Dell their products do not meet every objective that I have listed here.I have been researching my theoreticals for my new secure file storage/offsite backup/ cloud backup solution for about 6 months and […]