Small Businesses and NPOs Getting Fleeced. Something I See ...

I was contacted by a NPO in Frederick County.  They need to replace their primary server which does their local authentication and file services and also runs their e-mail services in house.  Unless you have legal requirements this expense is simply unjustifiable.  I see this most often in the Non-Profit area but all businesses are get hammered these days.  I have one client that got taken for 12k worth on network equipment when less than […]

More Church client news

Zimbra has been a bit hit.  I’m currently trying to get the software lifecycles synchronized.  Zimbra 7 has just been released.. unfortunately zimbra does not support Debian any longer.  Centos 6 is about to be released and I’m not a fan of Ubuntu.  Centos 5 expires in 2014 which is about the same time as Zimbra 7.  It looks like I’ll stick with Centos 5 until the EOL of Zimbra 7.  Then for Zimbra 8 change both […]

Radio Support

Got the new server online months ago..sorry for the lack of news.  I wound up sticking with Debian.  Everything went smoothly and now there are several domains running off of this box including multiple streaming servers.  Now a bigger challenge looms…moving this station to a new location AND hooking everything up to it’s new location.  will keep folks posted as I can.

IN Support of Another NPO

I have been doing IT work as a volunteer for a local radio station WTHU for a few years now.  Slowly but surely we have been moving along the technology track int he right direction.  We have a stout server in wash state that handles our streaming.  The costs for this are extremely reasonable but time have gotten tight and we have to find ways to cut costs even more.  That lead to a local vendor, Swift systems, that […]

Server Donation Part 4

Well i got the servers in and really didn’t want to wait for the 12u rack…mainly because it’s not int he budget right now.  I took one of the servers and have installed untangle on it.  I now have 4 network cards in the thing.  One is red(internet), one is blue(free public wifi) and one is green(church’s internal network).  The 4th one is for future use(which I already have  a plan for).  What are the […]

Zimbra is about ready to go

I just need to get the final list of current mailboxses and get the DNS switched over.  Staff meeting this Monday to see if they’ll give the green light.  I have found several extensions(called zimlets) that really extend the featureset of the Zimbra platform.  I know have built into the platform: 1.  Automatic detection of UPS and FEDEX tracking numbers.  The system will automatically highlight tracking numbers and auto-create hyperlinks.  Clicking the link takes directly to your […]

More Donated Server News

Well I have gotten one of the donated servers fired up.  It’s a dual Xeon 2.0 GHZ HT with dual 36 gig 10 SCSI hdd’s in raid 1.  This is now running Untangle as the firewall.  This frees up the Dell server (which is a Xeon 3.0 GHZ HT 2 gig dual 250 gigs SATA disks) box to run Centos 5.5 64 bit.  I then installed Zimbra 64 bit.  If i get final approval this will be the church’s new mail server.  All users will get 2 […]


Major Server Donation: Step 1 Server 1

What are the needs that this server can address? At this time the church’s website is hosted by powweb on their free package for non profits.  Unfortunately their e-mail services are horrendously unreliable.  We have a business class internet connection with a static ip.  We have more than enough outgoing bandwidth to handle e-mail.  While Google apps are available I don’t trust the cloud enough to host a NPO’s e-mail.  Now the decision is what […]

What to do with a major server donation

You can read about the donation here.  I have three IBM x335’s on the way with dual p-4 xeon 2.8 ghz cpu’s, dual 36 gig 10k rpm SCSI drives with hardware raid 1, 4 gigs of ram, all the cables needed including ILO, and rails.  All for the cost of shipping.  Why am I posting about it here?  I run the network at my church.  This will be the first time I can start something like this from the ground up […]