Windows 8

Microsoft Partially Backs Down on its Hardware Support Policy

Microsoft has just announced they are adding a year to their windows 7 Skylake and above support times. Excerpted from The Tech Report article: Microsoft has now updated its Skylake support policy, and saw it fit to extend the support period for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 on Skylake devices. Users now have full support for their OSs until July 17, 2018. This amounts to one year added to the previously-announced cutoff date. After […]

Latest major security problem in Windows affects ALL supported versions.

There’s no real way to know how much legacy code is still in Windows but i get it is more than anyone wants to admit.  I see articles that claim windows has been rewritten but i have known for a long time that is not the case.  The latest major security problem in Windows affects everything from the upcoming server 2016(based on Windows 10) all the way back to 7. I have also seen many […]

Microsoft: Enabler of bootkits via firmware. Lenovo the ...

I have not been a fan of Windows 8 and I was not enamored with Windows 10.  With windows 8 persistent reliance on the cloud and Windows 10 even more so I had serious concerns about both operating systems.  Microsoft has now really done the unthinkable and purposefully built in the ability to persistently compromise your machine being built into the Windows with the ability to modify the firmware persistently.  If you are running Windows […]

A golden time to buy a new computer is now ...

Right now is a good time to buy a computer.  Why?  The upcoming release of Windows 10 which will be free for most computers.  What I am advising clients who do NOT have domain controllers is to buy a computer and basically turn it on and let it get the updates that allow the Windows 10 offer.  On July 29th of this year Windows 10 will begin rolling out to those computers.  I  do suggest […]

Another Reason to Avoid Windows 8.x

Updates.  Windows has been prone to update problems ever since Windows update was launched.  Windows 8 is the worst about it of all.  Once Win8 gets stuck it’s stuck.  The process for recovery is quite laborious.  In many cases it is because WU installed an update either out of order(which isn’t supposed to be allowed) or it installs the update but fails to notify itself of the installation(which is bad).  I have worked on several […]

Windows 8 and the cloud, an insecure combination.

*UPDATE* 06/23/2017 Windows 10 works much the same as is susceptible to this same exact situation. When you setup any Windows machine 8.x or newer the way to prevent this is to NOT allow it to connect to any network during the initial setup. Windows will not then be immediately ties to Live./com. I have never run Windows 8 and I often cite the horrid interface as the main reason.  There’s another reason as […]

2014 and What it Means For Your Technology and Network

I know there are many small businesses that are running Windows XP still.  As of April of this year Windows XP officially dies.  Many programs are simply going to not work anymore as announced by their creators.  Sure you can hang onto the old versions but as more and more vendors refuse to update their software for Windows XP this also means your security is at greater risk than ever before.  Anti-malware vendors are also […]

Windows 8 and Secure Boot = Ultimate Microsoft Lockin

I have a client’s laptop and he has windows 8 on it….of course he hates it.  So i advised either take the laptop back or buy windows 7 and upgrade to Windows 7.  I’ve been trying for a couple of hours just to get into the UEFI in this thing…finally found it in the insanity that is windows 8.  Once i finally got it to boot to the dvd…guess what?  The screen shifts to a red box that says secure boot […]