Windows 10

The Windows 10 Disaster Continues

The windows 10 disaster continues.…/242537-microsofts-latest-wind… I have removed the update from both of my windows 10 dual display machines that play games and done the one thing you can do to regain control on Windows 10 updates….shut off windows update service completely. Once I have some time this weekend I am going to revert to Windows 7 on my primary machine. Enough of this BS. Once 2020 rolls around I doubt i will be […]

If you want a Windows 7 machine, build custom

Microsoft as of today is no longer shipping Windows 7 to the big OEM computer makers anymore.  This means the chances of you finding a Windows 7 machine..or even a win 10 machine with “downgrade rights” to Windows 7 stop existing as well.  If you want a real downgrade take windows 10 back to windows 8.  I thought that would make you shiver..:) How do you avoid the Windows 10 mess?  You will have to […]

Remember when I mentioned Windows as a service? Windows ...

I have been mistrustful of Microsoft even since Windows 10 started coming out.  The constant Windows as a service mentions and the nearly illegal and almost malware like campaign to get Windows 10 everywhere really had me not liking the entire Windows 10 ecosystem.  Not only are there still huge usability issues I have found with Windows 10, there are also other aspects I do not like.  Microsoft has also announced some changes to Windows […]

New Computer Build for Home Business Client

This client needed a faster computer for general office work than their current all in one desktop was able to deliver.  ETC Maryland recommended a ultra small computer with desktop class power instead of the laptop based system they currently had in place.  Since this is a home based business Windows 10 Home was chosen.  This machine boots in less than 1.5 minutes from initial power on.  Not sleep..not hibernate…from fully powered down to fully powered […]

SSD’s for workstations/desktops so far so good

I just dumped my main computer( my annual maintenance is a format/reload) to reload it and I decided to put Windows 10 on this machine for giggles.  The install was really fast as  this system is nothing to sneeze at: Intel core I-5 4690k 32 Gigs DDR3 1600 Crucial M550 1TB SSD Nvidia GTX 960 w/4 Gigs of RAM LG Blu-Ray, DVD, CD Burner Asrock Motherboard with Intel Gigabit Nic. Asus Xonar DG PCI sound […]

Microsoft partially confirms a prediction of mine.

Ever since Microsoft started “giving away” Windows 10 I figured something was up.  As i said in an earlier post there is no way Microsoft is going to give away nearly a third of their base income at the time without some way to make it back.  With the recently announced Enterprise subscription this prediction is slowly coming true.  Microsoft is using the frog in the the pot technique…for right now the windows subscription is […]

Microsoft: We beat other browsers on power usage. ...

I can verify the author’s experiences below.  I have a Surface 3 and an HP laptop running windows 10.  I also have a shuttle box with a sandy bridge core i-3 cpu and 8 gigs of ram.  Edge is a total hog.  It will grab everything in ram it can and then force the system into heavy swapping.  It is my opinion that Windows 10 is malware(due to Microsoft forcing it) and that Edge is nearly as […]

Microsoft Partially Backs Down on its Hardware Support Policy

Microsoft has just announced they are adding a year to their windows 7 Skylake and above support times. Excerpted from The Tech Report article: Microsoft has now updated its Skylake support policy, and saw it fit to extend the support period for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 on Skylake devices. Users now have full support for their OSs until July 17, 2018. This amounts to one year added to the previously-announced cutoff date. After […]

Latest major security problem in Windows affects ALL supported versions.

There’s no real way to know how much legacy code is still in Windows but i get it is more than anyone wants to admit.  I see articles that claim windows has been rewritten but i have known for a long time that is not the case.  The latest major security problem in Windows affects everything from the upcoming server 2016(based on Windows 10) all the way back to 7. I have also seen many […]