Major Security Issue For windows(ALL VERSIONS)

this is inside a component that is on nearly every Microsoft machine worldwide.  this includes all versions of xp, vista, 7 and the server versions.  There is no Windows Update yet.  Please use the fixit for me link for a hotfix.  This is a patch for this issue but it may cause issues since it’s not been fully validated.  However this problem allows remote system takeover via IE AND Office. The link to the fixit […]

Critical Windows bug could make worm meat of millions of ...

Update your machines now.  If you are running a server with rdp exposed first firewall it off the internet then use another actual secure vpn to get to that server and update.  I would then never allow rdp direct access to the net again. Microsoft has plugged a critical hole in all supported versions of Windows that allows attackers to hit high-value computers with self-replicating attacks that install malicious code with no user interaction […]

Is SBS a Good Idea?

Short Answer: No. Why do I say this?  If you are already running SBS2008 there is no compelling reason to upgrade.  SBS2011 is based upon Server 2008R2.  This version of Windows server goes out of primary support in 2014.  This means the newest SBS server software is based upon what is soon to be an outdated server platform.  Why do I say this?  Server 2008R2 goes out of primary support in June of 2013.  I’m not keen on […]

SBS 2011 System Requirements

Are unreal.  minimum is 8 gigs and they say they really want 10.  I can say that if you want to deploy the system and have room for usage without having to upgrade the ram very quickly start with 16 gigs of ram.  Hard disk space is very large.  I can tell you right now in term of storage.  SBS 2k8 barely runs well on 7200 RPM SATA in RAID1.  Do not deploy this software on anything less than 10K RPM SATA/SAS […]