SBS 2008


The Basics on NOT Getting Infected (Updated April 23, 2016)

Windows has design issues…I have talked about it many many times.  However it IS possible to have a malware free system.  It’s really not that hard.  You do need to change your behavior on how you operate your windows systems. 1.  Have a security audit done if you’ve never had one done. 2.  Do not use IE or Edge.  IE’s issues are well documented.  Edge is suffering from basic coding mistakes that come with a […]

Major Security Issue For windows(ALL VERSIONS)

this is inside a component that is on nearly every Microsoft machine worldwide.  this includes all versions of xp, vista, 7 and the server versions.  There is no Windows Update yet.  Please use the fixit for me link for a hotfix.  This is a patch for this issue but it may cause issues since it’s not been fully validated.  However this problem allows remote system takeover via IE AND Office. The link to the fixit […]

Critical Windows bug could make worm meat of millions of ...

Update your machines now.  If you are running a server with rdp exposed first firewall it off the internet then use another actual secure vpn to get to that server and update.  I would then never allow rdp direct access to the net again. Microsoft has plugged a critical hole in all supported versions of Windows that allows attackers to hit high-value computers with self-replicating attacks that install malicious code with no user interaction […]

SBS 2008 Roaming Profile Setup

I just figured out SBS2008 does NOT automatically setup roaming profiles.  This explains why i’m having issues with the desktops not matching when the users roam because the profiles are all local.  Unfortunately one of the users has his hdd die and this spewed corruption into the network portion of his “local” profile.  Now i can get rid of these corrupted profiles.  These are the steps to creating a baseline roaming profile… 1. Prepare the roaming user profile –      Log on to a […]

My latest project

I tire of the MS lockin.  What I’ve done is begun to build another deployment option for my clients( all of which are under 10 users.  For now i’ll user server 2008 for authentication and file/print sharing…in a vm.  Another vm holds a vmware appliance running zimbra collaboration suite.  I get 90% of the SBS functions for nothing.  All i have to do is then backup two vmware images which easily compress by a factor […]

Second LNK Vulnerability Update

Well the vulnerabilities threat profile has expanded: If the .lnk is inside a document windows will execute the code.  Again..i hope this fizzles..if it doesn’t I want folks to be aware. Well the vulnerabilities threat profile has expanded: the .lnk is inside a document windows will execute the code.  Again..i hope this fizzles..if it doesn’t I want folks to be aware.