My Local Backup Strategy

I have not been at my computer as much and I missed the fact that March 31st was world backup day.  This article on extremetech details some of the author’s backup plans. I wanted to have ransomware resistant backups at all levels so my system is a bit more elaborate: Backups are handled by Windows server backup for local backups and CrashplanPro for cloud backups of the entire R610. Windows server backup will not do […]

Microsoft REALLY wants folks to move off from ANYTHING that ...

I have been thinking for a bit that Microsoft not only wanted Windows 7 to die quickly but Windows 8.x as well.  Windows 7 because it is, admittedly old, and Windows 8.x because it is yet another Vista disaster.  Windows 8.x however is technically supported until 2023…however I am not surprised that Microsoft is trying to sweep the Windows 8.x disaster away.  Their apparent chosen path is disturbing.   According to an article Microsoft is delaying […]

It’s Official. Windows365 is here. Windows Subscriptions are ...

When the “free upgrade” to Windows 10 started I felt like something didn’t smell right.  To quote the last paragraph of that 2015 post: In a way it is a stroke of genius.  How do drug dealers do things?  They give you free taste..get you hooked then drain you dry.  I am not saying I know this for sure but the pieces line up this way.  Unless Microsoft says otherwise that’s the stance I am […]

UEFI is a rich crapware repository.

I posted about a system API inside of Microsoft Windows that allows OEM to put in unremovable software that resides in the UEFI of motherboards.  UEFI is the new “BIOS”.  The possibilities for UEFI problems have been known since at least 2012 as this google search shows. I have a client who uses laptops to run their audiology hearing testing equipment.  We recently had to replace one of the laptops with a newer one manufactured by […]

The Windows 10 Disaster Continues

The windows 10 disaster continues.…/242537-microsofts-latest-wind… I have removed the update from both of my windows 10 dual display machines that play games and done the one thing you can do to regain control on Windows 10 updates….shut off windows update service completely. Once I have some time this weekend I am going to revert to Windows 7 on my primary machine. Enough of this BS. Once 2020 rolls around I doubt i will be […]

Small Businesses and NPOs Getting Fleeced. Something I See ...

I was contacted by a NPO in Frederick County.  They need to replace their primary server which does their local authentication and file services and also runs their e-mail services in house.  Unless you have legal requirements this expense is simply unjustifiable.  I see this most often in the Non-Profit area but all businesses are get hammered these days.  I have one client that got taken for 12k worth on network equipment when less than […]

If you want a Windows 7 machine, build custom

Microsoft as of today is no longer shipping Windows 7 to the big OEM computer makers anymore.  This means the chances of you finding a Windows 7 machine..or even a win 10 machine with “downgrade rights” to Windows 7 stop existing as well.  If you want a real downgrade take windows 10 back to windows 8.  I thought that would make you shiver..:) How do you avoid the Windows 10 mess?  You will have to […]


The Basics on NOT Getting Infected (Updated April 23, 2016)

Windows has design issues…I have talked about it many many times.  However it IS possible to have a malware free system.  It’s really not that hard.  You do need to change your behavior on how you operate your windows systems. 1.  Have a security audit done if you’ve never had one done. 2.  Do not use IE or Edge.  IE’s issues are well documented.  Edge is suffering from basic coding mistakes that come with a […]

Remember when I mentioned Windows as a service? Windows ...

I have been mistrustful of Microsoft even since Windows 10 started coming out.  The constant Windows as a service mentions and the nearly illegal and almost malware like campaign to get Windows 10 everywhere really had me not liking the entire Windows 10 ecosystem.  Not only are there still huge usability issues I have found with Windows 10, there are also other aspects I do not like.  Microsoft has also announced some changes to Windows […]

New Computer Build for Home Business Client

This client needed a faster computer for general office work than their current all in one desktop was able to deliver.  ETC Maryland recommended a ultra small computer with desktop class power instead of the laptop based system they currently had in place.  Since this is a home based business Windows 10 Home was chosen.  This machine boots in less than 1.5 minutes from initial power on.  Not sleep..not hibernate…from fully powered down to fully powered […]