Office 15

Why bother? The sad state of Office 2013 touch support ...

So the flagship productivity app doesn’t even work fully with the new flagship OS.  The last time we saw this?  Vista. With Windows 8, Microsoft has created an operating system that is, at least in part, genuinely usable with nothing more than fingers. While it took the company a long time to recognize that finger-based touch systems were more approachable than stylus-based ones, and that touch-based software needed to be designed to accommodate the […]

Windows 8 = disaster? Looking More and More Likely

This type of thing only serves to reinforce my opinion that windows 8 is going to be another Vista…maybe even a bigger disaster.  it may be on par with Windows ME. On the eve of the Windows 8 launch, its no surprise that Microsoft is revealing its next Office suite. What may surprise you is that Office 2013 is not really designed for Windows 8. Its a suite with many remarkable enhancements, but it is not […]

New ECC Operating System Recommendations

As the software landscape changes and so does technology so does my recommendations for clients.  The biggest one right now is do you buy windows 7/server 2008 now or wait?  ECC is saying to wait unless you absolutely MUST upgrade now.  Why?  2012-2013 Windows 8, Server 2012, and Office 2012/2013 are going to be coming out.  I would not buy anything srver 2008 related right now(that includes the latest versions of SBS as they are […]