OCT 21st National DDOS news(Tons of links)

This post is not only about tonight’s massive DDOS attack but the terrible problems IOT is causing due to their horrid security.  If you want a quick overview skip right to the video.  If you want to get into the weeds a bit read on…but be warned.  There are tons of links and those links often contain links as well.  This is NOT a quick read.  If you want the full details though grab some […]

IOT default insecurity = Internet infrastructure danger

Krebonsecurity editor Brian Krebs now posts showing the source code for the botnet that forced Akamai/Prolexic to boot him off their network.  What is amazing is that while Prolexic was struggling to handle nearly 700 megabits there was another even larger DDOS going on aimed at the European hosting provider OVH.  OVH was taken down by a 1 TERABIT per second..that’s 1 TRILLION bits of data PER SECOND.  That kind of math is hard to comprehend. […]

DDOS…The new wave of digital censorship

I have been watching the saga of security blogger Brian Krebs and his krebsonsecurity blog.  He has had the benefit of high powered DDOS protection from Prolexic which is an Akamai subsidiary. Krebs has for a long time now been able to infiltrate and report on the darker side of the Internet.  Recently Krebs site was hit with 620+ GIGABIT per second DDOS attack.  Prolexic had never handled something of that size before and it […]