Comcast Business Fiber Fiobles..Temporarily Stymied

November, 2017: I received an e-mail saying that Comcast has pulled fiber into this area and that their gigabit pro service was available to me as a business class customer.  This is a pure fiber to the premises service that would net me 2 gigabits both up and down.  it comes with an IPV4 /30 and an IPV6 /48(Holy crap!).  While this is some super powerful stuff what was even more ridiculous was the price.  […]

Net Neutrality. Karl Denninger Continues to Show the Flaws ...

I have run a small business myself and I can tell you this is 100% true.  There are folks online like Leo Laporte of who obviously has no idea about how networking operates because I routinely have heard him say the bits are free.  That’s absolutely false and I have talked about it as well in an earlier post.  I am not advocating for Comcast and Verizon but they are the biggest accused offenders.  […]

Amazon key(Based upon IOT) makes your house absolutely insecure

Amazon Key IMO is a bad idea.  The fact that it is based on IOT makes it worse.  The very concept of you give someone access to your house with no other controls…there’s a camera to watch them but a camera will not stop anyone from doing anything else..jsut record the video of them doing it. now a security vulnerability has been found in the “smart lock” that powers this “service”.  Malwarebytes does not mention […]

Post-Mortem on the Nationwide “Comcast Outage”

I started getting multiple calls about issues on Comcast this afternoon.  My initial research showed it was not an IP issue, however dns was not responding on the Comcast network.  Comcast has had DNS outages before.  I tested my network by switching to Google DNS servers and i had most…but not all…of my connectivity issues resolved.  I then saw weird routing problems showing..sometimes to Google and others.  I also noticed trying to get to some […]

Net neutrality is Hooey.

At least in terms of how it has been reported in the media and by “tech sites”.  Karl Denninger has good take on this: Net Neutrality: The Liars Need To Be Locked Up The last couple of days have been so-called days of action on so-called “Net neutrality” and now a veritable trove of large “consumer” corporations have joined the fray — Amazon, Facebook and (of course) Netflix among them. It’s time to cut the crap on […]

Firewall IOT Properly..Yet Another 0-day for IOT

Yet another IOT security issue.  this one is actually a remote code exploit so once again a flaw allows IOT devices to get taken over Two things: Do not let IOT have access to your internal network.  It MUST be firewalled onto its own network. Do not allow IOT access to the Internet unless needed..and then you need to configure the firewall to only out communications on the ports it requires to function. Keep IOT […]

Another Ransomware Package is Spreading Rapidly

There is a new ransomware package spreading worldwide and it is even getting more companies in the US then WannaCry hit. It uses the Petrwrap ransomware package. This package leverages known vulnerabilities that have had patches out for quite some time. If you are not sure your systems are up to date on their software updates contact me to do a network audit. I will also let you know if your backups are ransomware resistant […]

Hosting Company Pays Massive Ransomware Payment. Is Your Web ...

This is unfortunate.  I do not wish this type of disaster on anybody.  ANY operating system is vulnerable to ransomware…yes even Apple.  This is why I am a big proponent of ransomware resistant backups. ETC Maryland’s web hosting service has superior data protection for your website data.  My third level of backup is ransomware resistant as it is a versioning, cloud based, pre-encrypted backup. This means ETC Maryland has three tiers of of backups totaling […]

Firefox Releases New Version. Let’s Test it Against Chrome.

The Mozilla Foundation has released their new Firefox with multi-process capabilities. This means Firefox should take better advantage of today’s computer hardware, namely the multi-core CPUs that are omnipresent in just about all machines less than 3 years old. Extremetech has a gushing piece on Firefox. The biggest claim to fame for Firefox is beating Chrome on RAM usage. I did a series of quick tests to see how much Firefox has improved in the […]

The Worldwide Ransomware Outbreak.

Ok the news is on fire with news of a massive malware attack.  This malware is called ransomware.  I have been talking about ransomware since early last year and I have been talking about how to not get yourself infected since 2010. When I started this company I had already been watching and fighting malware.  I had a pretty good plan of some basics to not get yourself infected.  Rules 1-4 were the primary rules […]