*UPDATE*  It turns out Linux is especially vulnerable to this vulnerability.  this means Android is especially vulnerable.  Linux(and by extension Android) can be tricked into using a zero encryption key which means the attacker can easily watch all traffic on that access point.  this means most home and SMB routers are: 1. Wide open to this attack. 2. Most of them will never get patched for this. Let’s make one thing clear.  This does not […]

New WIFI deployment

Am currently working on a WIFI deployment.  The client has a split-level home along with about 1/2 acre of surrounding land.  3 access points cover the large home inside and one long range mounted on his radio mast 40 feet is the air to cover the property.  Might have to put another outdoor point on the lower outbuilding(which has power and Ethernet already run).  Calculations show it’s a 50-50.  Client wants to try it with […]