Apple Values Your Privacy…Not Really.

We all know google mines everything..that’s been well established by Google themselves.  We knew Apple mined our data and “keeps it private”.  I always called BS on their privacy stance…Here’s the proof: Still think Apple values your privacy?  I put this squarely on Apple as they did not have to give up this priveldge to Uber….they chose to.  The security implications are huge as a single weakness in the Uber app effectively gives you […]

Update Your Kindle or Loose Internet Access

Amazon has pushed out a critical update for its Kindle readers.  If you fail to install this update before midnight tonight your kindle will not have Internet access any longer. As noted on the relevant Amazon webpage this affects mainly older Kindles and not the newer ones.  If you have any questions OR your Kindle looses Internet access tomorrow Contact ETC Maryland and we will get you back online. Customers using an outdated […]

Microsoft Surface. A real tablet/slate for business

I recently acquired a Microsoft Surface 3.  I did not opt for the pro simply because with the current generation of CPU offerings from Intel I was sure the core I-5 was not needed for my purposes.  I mainly use my laptop for troubleshooting, network diagnostics, network equipment configuration and other lightweight tasks.  My old laptop was 7-8 pounds and had a core I-3 with sub 2 hour battery life.  I got tired of carrying […]

Windows New Tablet System Could be a Vista..Only Worse

If Microsoft really plans to get into the mobile space(and Win8 is all about tablets) this is not the way to do it.  $600 bucks for a tablet isn’t going to fly when Andriod and Ipads are already established with superior featuresets already. For a while there it seemed that Microsoft was going to do something spectacular which was going to give Android and Apple a real kicking and establish itself as a leader in the tablet market. […]

Now Your Phones and Tablets Are Virus magnets as Well

Just read the below paragraph.  Keep in mind what this means that malware and all of the associated security problems are now fully available throughout everything..tablets, phones, desktops..etc etc etc.  Not a good thing. At Microsofts Windows Phone Summit in San Francisco this morning, Redmond officially announced Windows Phone 8. The company confirmed what weve suspected for many months now: Windows Phone 8 will be built around the same core components as Windows 8.The current […]

The Kindle Family vs the Nook Family Vs the Andriod ...

If you are only doing books then the kindle and nook work great…but they are only for either Amazon(kindle) or Barnes and Noble(the nooks).  I would recommend you go with a full function tablet if you want to do anything more.  You can get amazon apps for all things Amazon and Barnes and noble apps for those vendors as well.  You also then have the Android market(something the Kindles and Nooks do NOT have access to) to flesh out the rest […]