The ethics of data destruction

The Clinton e-mail deletion scandal is quite a mess.    Now it is becoming clear what company and what product was used to delete those files.  The product is called bleachbit  and a good explanation of it is over at a Bleachbit is an opensource program.  It is given away freely to anyone who wishes to use for any purpose.  I personally had not heard of them until I read about them on the […]

Progress report on new secure storage and backup

Well this is why research is done before product roll out…:) I purchased a server to use as my new storage host and it turns out the hard drive controller card is not suitable for the server product. Luckily I had another smaller server that will suffice for testing…except for the fact it has a bad chip on the motherboard that prevents the latest version of the storage software from running. Fortunately for me, the version […]

SSD care and maintenance tips

There are several things folks have “burned” into their mind about hard drive maintenance that no longer apply to SSD drives.  There are also several major considerations when it comes to data security that are different between SSD drives and Hard Drives. The first comes with file maintenance.  The biggest difference is the defragmentation regime.  When dealing with Hard Drives you must defragment the disk to maintain performance.  The biggest reason for this is because […]

SSD’s for workstations/desktops so far so good

I just dumped my main computer( my annual maintenance is a format/reload) to reload it and I decided to put Windows 10 on this machine for giggles.  The install was really fast as  this system is nothing to sneeze at: Intel core I-5 4690k 32 Gigs DDR3 1600 Crucial M550 1TB SSD Nvidia GTX 960 w/4 Gigs of RAM LG Blu-Ray, DVD, CD Burner Asrock Motherboard with Intel Gigabit Nic. Asus Xonar DG PCI sound […]

Dell banks the company on turning into a fully vertically ...

With network security such a huge business it stuns me that Dell first bought dinosaur vendor EMC and is now selling most of its other “non-core” assets to others.  Sonicwall is now owned by private equity firm Francisco Partners and hedge fund Elliott Management.  It is going to be a rough time for Sonicwall now and now I have to rethink my partnership with them as I am sure Sonicwall will either get torn apart or […]

SSD storage drives need to be on your hardware shortlist(but ...

I have finally got one of these things.  I have installed them in client machines and I’ve seen how fast they make a machine but I have not gotten one for myself yet to really beat on it.  I just received mine and installed it.  Now I didn’t go with the highest end Samsung 850 PRO SATA SSD I could get.  Nevertheless the results are astonishing: 1.  Boot times are really fast.  Instead of nearly […]

How to Fix The Quickbooks Problem

I mentioned in an earlier post about how Quickbooks ties many accountants to Windows.  Well I’ve found a partial yet money-saving workaround.  We leverage virtualization even more but not in the typical way.  Instead of setting up a NAS/DAS/SAN you run it off local stoarge.  For SMB’s this saves on costs both short and long run.  Allow me to explain: First you need to figure out exactly how many of your employees actually do work inside of […]

Hard Disk Warranties Getting Chopped

Not too long after the market punished the Hard Disk industry for dropping warranties before the industry is now moving to cratering hard disk warranties again.  I bet they are going to be introducing a new technology for manufacturing hard disks and they are dropping the warranties until the industry works the bugs out.  Be forewarned and check the length of the warranty of any hard disk you buy.  If it isn’t at least 3 […]

PERC S300 – Another FAKERAID card

PERC S300 – can it be made to work?. I saw this on the Dell Linux mailing list.  I did a bit of research and found this is a windows only FAKERAID product.  What I mean by FAKERAID is the card fakes like it is a raid card but all of the work is done on the cpu.  Because of this the driver is proprietary and in this case windows only.  If you want a RAID card make sure […]