Blackberry was NOT hacked

When i saw this I figured I needed to wait to talk about it until the REAL story came out.  Almost all media outlets(new and old) now use sensational headlines based on either old data or not data at all for clickbaiting.  This “story” is no different. The headline screams dutch police have cracked Blackberry.  What they failed to mention in any detail is this against a Blackberry 9720 and attacked third party PGP software.  BBOS […]

Why I am moving to an Iphone 6+

Hold onto your seats folks I am dropping a bombshell…I have purchased and am awaiting arrival of…my new Iphone6+. Not the S but the first 6. Why? There isn’t an android manufacturer i either want to deal with or trust. Case in point:  Samsung has crappy hardware and horrid software.  Plus their crappy software vacums up more data as well. Motorola is now owned by Lenovo which has been caught TWICE installing trojans onto their […]

YouTube – Smartphone pictures pose privacy risks

I have to thank my sister in law for this tip.  It turns out smartphones embed gps data into every picture they take.  Once you post this online that information is easily accessible and points to the EXACT location of where that picture was taken.  The site gives information on how to disable geotagging of pictures.  Andriod phones are the easiest to kill only camera geotagging whle iphone/ipods are the most difficult. On my Driod based phone store location was already off..:) YouTube […]

Resurrecting a Dead Backberry

I had a Deacon at my church today ask me about getting audio streams from emergency scanners onto his phone.  I said no problem and that I would take a look at it.  I fired up blackberry app world.  After I had the Deacon enter his password it asked for permission to load an update.  I said no to this as Blackberry Curves are not the most stable phones in the world.  The phone locked up when loading the app world. […]