My Local Backup Strategy

I have not been at my computer as much and I missed the fact that March 31st was world backup day.  This article on extremetech details some of the author’s backup plans. I wanted to have ransomware resistant backups at all levels so my system is a bit more elaborate: Backups are handled by Windows server backup for local backups and CrashplanPro for cloud backups of the entire R610. Windows server backup will not do […]

Dell banks the company on turning into a fully vertically ...

With network security such a huge business it stuns me that Dell first bought dinosaur vendor EMC and is now selling most of its other “non-core” assets to others.  Sonicwall is now owned by private equity firm Francisco Partners and hedge fund Elliott Management.  It is going to be a rough time for Sonicwall now and now I have to rethink my partnership with them as I am sure Sonicwall will either get torn apart or […]

Dell does its own superfish.

Dell’s stupidity is on display as Dell has inserted a base root certificate that can sign code.  The really bad part is dell leaves the keys to this cert exposed in the clear so it is easy to extract the keys from the machine and use them as a man in the middle attack.  There’s two certificates in question here but also Dell has installed a .dll that makes these files unkillable. How do you […]