Cisco antics show dangers of the cloud – We can ...

Networking giant Cisco has been giving its customers a lesson as to why that cloud thing might not be such a good idea. According to Extreme Tech, a number of Cisco customers last week began reporting problems with three specific Linksys-branded routers. Owners of the E2700, E3500, or E4500 routers were being told to login using their “Cisco Connect Cloud” account information. The routers were all shipped with “Automatic Firmware Update” option selected and Cisco “upgraded […]

Turn Off WPS(Wifi Protected Setup)

I figured it was a matter of time before this was exposed.  The pins are usually 8 digits which it has been known for quite some time that you need at least 12 sufficiently random characters for any kind of protection against brute force attacks.  Of course the lack of a lockout system makes it even more trivial. WiFi Protected Setup Flaw Can Lead to Compromise of Router PINs | threatpost.