Damage Control Begins RE: Intel Hardware Bug

Intel is in full damage control mode about their hardware flaw….unfortunately they are trying to drag AMD down with them….however AMD is vulnerable only in its older CPU products.  Their latest product, XEN(or Ryzen) is not affected as of right now. This is an issue Intel created on its own…and the software development community went along for the ride for the sake of performance. Tomorrow…the full details should come out tomorrow..three CVE’s have already been […]

How bad is the IntelME problem?

Every machine Intel has shipped from 2007 to present has had this below firmware..below the operating system thing in it.  All Intel CPU’s use the ME to boot at first..then the bios takes over..then the OS. It is too bad it tool this long to come out.  Honestly, I never fully trusted any Intel machines(yes i am on one right now that is “patched”) but unfortunately AMD was never a truly competitive chip for the […]

AMD Pro…Any Better Than IntelME?

AMD is now releasing their Ryzen Pro cpu offerings for businesses.  AMD is claiming their “management” solution is more secure than IntelME.  Given the extremely low bar set by IntelME that’s not hard to accomplish.  I have not had the time to research the Ryzen Pro but I will be watching and posting as i learn about it.  For right now…my advice is to NOT install any systems with Ryzen Pro.  Ryzen is OK…but Ryzen […]

Intel Graphics FINALLY Die…

I heard about this more than a year ago.  This is one I wanted to sit back on and watch.  Sure enough, after many years of futility, Intel has finally decided to stop torturing us with their craptacular graphics drivers that never fully worked and have decided to integrate some real graphics on them.  Enter AMD/Radeon.  I really didn’t care if it was AMD or Nvidia that Intel went with, jsut dump your crappy graphics.  […]

If you want a Windows 7 machine, build custom

Microsoft as of today is no longer shipping Windows 7 to the big OEM computer makers anymore.  This means the chances of you finding a Windows 7 machine..or even a win 10 machine with “downgrade rights” to Windows 7 stop existing as well.  If you want a real downgrade take windows 10 back to windows 8.  I thought that would make you shiver..:) How do you avoid the Windows 10 mess?  You will have to […]

AMD Missteps With Their New Video Cards

This is the main reason I read so many sites every day.  Issues like I am about to highly elaborate on is why I do not post much when news breaks because the devil is in the details and those never come out when things first break. Many hardware sites simply do not do detailed hardware examinations to make sure the cards power draws are not going out of spec either at all or excessive […]

DOJ vs Apple: Game Over? Apple has some issues.

The DOJ has withdrawn from their battle to force Apple to unlock an IPhone from the San Bernadino shooting.  As I had mentioned earlier the US Dept of Justice had botched the investigation in the first place making it nearly impossible to unlock the Iphone.  Then the government restored to scare tacticts and security hype trying to force Apple into a bad PR time to make them back down.  That failed miserably.  The DOJ then […]

Microsoft Requires Windows 10 For New Hardware

I was simply stunned by this.  If you buy the newest processors from Intel and AMD or anyone…Microsoft is now saying you have 18 months to upgrade your desktops/laptop/workstations to Windows 10 or you loose updates.  The best line is the one bout we will give you updates if they do not compromise the systems stability.  What a joke.  It gets a bit better.  To quote the Ars Technica Article, “Going forward, the company says that […]

ECC Platform Update

Vmware is really easy but it doesn’t work with machines that do not have hardware assisted RAID.  Most of my clients(including myself) don’t have enough I/O demands tht a hardware accelerated card is required.  This is when the beauties of Linux MD(NOT DM) RAID come into play.  VMware doesn’t support MD raid…but the Linux kernel does.  After ordering up a new server and much initial testing I have decided to standardize on Ubuntu LTS and […]


ECC’s New Platform

While “clouds” on the internet are a terrible idea they do have their place INSIDE the building.  I am currently building and researching exactly this type of internal cloud.  In my shop I have two servers.  At idle(which is where most of them spend their time) they draw nearly 135 watts from my electrical system.  That’s nuts.  I have ordered a new server that i am going to put both of my servers onto as […]