Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality. Karl Denninger Continues to Show the Flaws ...

I have run a small business myself and I can tell you this is 100% true.  There are folks online like Leo Laporte of who obviously has no idea about how networking operates because I routinely have heard him say the bits are free.  That’s absolutely false and I have talked about it as well in an earlier post.  I am not advocating for Comcast and Verizon but they are the biggest accused offenders.  […]

Net neutrality is Hooey.

At least in terms of how it has been reported in the media and by “tech sites”.  Karl Denninger has good take on this: Net Neutrality: The Liars Need To Be Locked Up The last couple of days have been so-called days of action on so-called “Net neutrality” and now a veritable trove of large “consumer” corporations have joined the fray — Amazon, Facebook and (of course) Netflix among them. It’s time to cut the crap on […]

Cuban: FCC Net Regs Will Spill Over, ‘TV As You ...

To further expand on my previous post now that “everything is equal” yes the FCC will now be the “decency” agency.  Not only has tv changed but the First Amendment as well. Dallas Mavericks owner and investor Mark Cuban predicted that proposed FCC Internet regulations will end up impacting TV and “your TV as you know it is over” on Thursday’s “Squawk Alley” on CNBC. Cuban began by predicting “the courts will rule the […]


Net Neutrality Vote In The FCC: You Lose America in ...

Sure this is about trying to control the content but it goes even further than that.  Karl has this nailed here.  It WILL result in higher prices across the board AND will result in MORE monopolistic behavior by incumbents.  Why?  The barrier to entry is going to be so high it will be nearly impossible to enter the market financially. You get what you deserve America. You will get it.  Long, hard, and dry. Reed Hastings’ […]

L. Gordon Crovitz: From Internet to Obamanet – WSJ

The Supreme Court has ruled that if the FCC applies Title II to the Internet, all uses of telecommunications will have to pass the “just and reasonable” test. Bureaucrats can review the fairness of Google ’s search results, Facebook ’s news feeds and news sites’ links to one another and to advertisers. BlackBerry is already lobbying the FCC to force Apple and Netflix to offer apps for BlackBerry’s unpopular phones. Bureaucrats will oversee peering, content-delivery […]

Title II Might be the end of several technologies on ...

I am expanding on my previous post. I am saying this because “net neutrality” states that broadband providers cannot slow down traffic and allow other traffic to go faster so that all traffic is at the same priority.  There’s a huge issue with that which NOBODY is talking about.  Allow me to elaborate. There is a technology called QOS or Quality of Service.  This allows  a network operator to give different kinds of traffic a […]


Obamacare is coming to the Internet.

Title II is what gave us MA Bell..remember those days?  You HAD to buy phones from them?  Comcast isn’t going to get smaller nor is Comcast(nor anyone else) going to get more competitive.  The barrier of entry is so high now it’s nearly unfathomable. All these techno folks calling for “net neutrality” really have no idea how bad Title II was in the landline days.  Now they want that for the Internet?  Many folks Like Leo […]

One Consequence of the FCC’s Net Neutraility Title II Reclassification

Forbes posted this which breaks down the costs to consumers that net neutrality would impose. One set of proposals considered by the FCC would classify Internet services, or at least Internet access services, as “interstate telecommunications services” bringing the regulation of those services exclusively to the FCC. The FCC imposes fees of 16.1% on interstate telecommunications services that will generate more than $8 billion in federal universal service funds in 2014. Additional FCC fees […]

Obama Steps in it Again(Net Neutrality)

Karl Denninger really explains succinctly about the way this regulation would work using examples of the past. This post really does a good job of succinctly exposing exactly what would happen in an Internet regulated inside of a Title II environment. It quickly boils down what my previous post was explaining from an insider’s perspective. Because monopolistic practices, including forced connections, are good for customers. “We are stunned the president would abandon the longstanding, bipartisan […]


NetNeutrality is a Lie.

It is too bad this sentence was at the end of the article and not the beginning.  You really should read the entire article..multiple times if needed to fully gras the insidious nature of Net Neutrality and why it must be stopped. Net Neutrality is just left-wing populism run amok, playing on your fears in order to convert the private Internet into a government-regulated public utility like water, gas, and electricity. This won’t “save” the […]