Managed IT and ETC Maryland

ETC Maryland has not jumped into the “managed IT” for quite a while now.  My main concerns were anything cloud based.  While ETC Maryland sees the market demand for network monitoring I was unable to find a solution that met my security standards. One of the things I wanted to find is a remote monitoring agent WITHOUT remote access built in. I do not want to route remote access through a third party. Every single […]

Why Choose ETC Maryland to Host Your Website

There are tons and tons of companies that can host your website for you.  Within the sea of hosting providers what sets ETC Maryland apart from the others? All accounts receive a free basic SSL Certificate All accounts get a free dedicated IPV6 address All accounts have Gzip compression enabled to help reduce the amount of traffic you use. All servers are backed up twice nightly.  One backup is onsite inside the datacenter.  The other […]

IOT= You Do Not Own Your Device

In the you do not own your IOT device dept comes a tale of IOT woe.  A IOT Garage Door opener has disabled a customer’s account due to a poor review and an admittedly toxic comment left by said client.  Now the client is effectively locked out of his garage until he can remove the device.  While this does not lock the individual out of the house keep in mind the day is coming when […]

UEFI is a rich crapware repository.

I posted about a system API inside of Microsoft Windows that allows OEM to put in unremovable software that resides in the UEFI of motherboards.  UEFI is the new “BIOS”.  The possibilities for UEFI problems have been known since at least 2012 as this google search shows. I have a client who uses laptops to run their audiology hearing testing equipment.  We recently had to replace one of the laptops with a newer one manufactured by […]

Power Quality and Your Technology. My Recovery From Bad ...

I mentioned earlier how modern electrical grid technology that is meant to help the power companies reduce service calls and increase the reliability of the grid can also present a danger to your critical technology.  I had that same technology cause a failure of an admittedly old UPS that saved my rack of gear from the reclosers attempts at restoring power.  This is not a knock on the power companies at all.  Reclosers serve […]

Ransomware: Cheaper to Pay Than to be Properly Prepared?

I saw an article about this recently and went searching for an earlier publication date.  This type of thing is typical of a first response, knee-jerk reaction because somebody found a hole in your procedures and this at the time seems to be the cheapest way out.  Like all thugs though paying them off simply encourages more of the same behavior and does nothing to guarantee that you will get your data back.  Like many other […]

If you want to have access to Google’s latest technology ...

I have always wondered why Google always struggles to make it’s hardware and new products “stick”. It turns out Google doesn’t really want folks to be subscribed to it’s “Gsuite” accounts. Why do I say this? I just found out that the new Google Assistant(which includes the Pixel, Allo, and Google Home), are NOT compatible with Gsuite, which is the paid subscription e-mail and application hosting from Google. However if you have a free account […]

Sophos UTM DNS resolution bug leads to misclassification of web ...

*UPDATE 01\10\2017*  I FINALLY got an error that calls out a file that is faulting.  I started having various ipv6 sites not loading or loading very slowly.  Inspection of the logs showed the following: 2017:01:10-10:19:53 etcutm httpproxy[8853]: id=”0003″ severity=”info” sys=”SecureWeb” sub=”http” request=”0xc3fb6a00″ function=”connect_server_timeout” file=”dns.c” line=”788″ message=”Connection to using IPv6 timed out, re-trying to connect using IPv4″ 2017:01:10-10:19:53 etcutm httpproxy[8853]: id=”0003″ severity=”info” sys=”SecureWeb” sub=”http” request=”0xc3fb7000″ function=”connect_server_timeout” file=”dns.c” line=”788″ message=”Connection to using IPv6 timed out, […]

If you have Samsung Galaxy Note 7 return it ...

Even the replacements are catching fire.  All of the major carriers in the US have issued press releases that say they are halting Note 7 replacements and offering exchanges for the phones regardless of purchase date.  A lithium ion battery if it goes into thermal runaway burns extremely hot.  This places the Note 7 users in high danger.  If you have a Note 7 return it to your carrier immediately. For me I would also […]

The ethics of data destruction

The Clinton e-mail deletion scandal is quite a mess.    Now it is becoming clear what company and what product was used to delete those files.  The product is called bleachbit  and a good explanation of it is over at a Bleachbit is an opensource program.  It is given away freely to anyone who wishes to use for any purpose.  I personally had not heard of them until I read about them on the […]