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It’s Official. Windows365 is here. Windows Subscriptions are ...

When the “free upgrade” to Windows 10 started I felt like something didn’t smell right.  To quote the last paragraph of that 2015 post: In a way it is a stroke of genius.  How do drug dealers do things?  They give you free taste..get you hooked then drain you dry.  I am not saying I know this for sure but the pieces line up this way.  Unless Microsoft says otherwise that’s the stance I am […]

Remember when I mentioned Windows as a service? Windows ...

I have been mistrustful of Microsoft even since Windows 10 started coming out.  The constant Windows as a service mentions and the nearly illegal and almost malware like campaign to get Windows 10 everywhere really had me not liking the entire Windows 10 ecosystem.  Not only are there still huge usability issues I have found with Windows 10, there are also other aspects I do not like.  Microsoft has also announced some changes to Windows […]

Do not link your Office 365 to your internal AD.

I have been suspicious of Microsoft’s security for a while.  This is why when it comes to in-house e-mail(which I do not recommend any longer especial if it is a Microsoft e-mail platform).  I never really took a close look at OWA’s design but it really hasn’t changed much from previous designs.  if you are running Exchange in house patch it immediately…if your software is still supported. Attackers aiming for lateral movement inside an […]

Update for Windows 7 and 8.1 is going to try ...

With this Windows as a service push Microsoft is making AND the fact they have trademarked the name Windows365, I see no reason to believe anyone who says Microsoft is NOT going to make windows a subscription like Office365.  Maybe not at first.  For those technically inclined look at this code in the linked article snippet.  Microsoft wants you to head to Windows 10 and will do everything they can to entice folks to do […]


Microsoft trademarks ‘Windows 365’ – Neowin

I wish i could fine the article about waaaay back when Office365 was first coming out somebody on the net said windows is headed the same way as office.   I said earlier it isn’t a matter of IF it’s a matter of WHEN they take windows to the cloud.  Remember my earlier post where i said this giveaway to Windows 10 doesn’t smell right?  If you want to keep your desktop stick with windows […]

MIcrosoft Office365=fail

Being a Microsoft partner when i saw they were giving MAPS subscribers their top of the line Office365 package I thought this would be great.  I was met with several challenges right off the bat: 1.Setting up the account isn’t straightforward at all.  In typical Microsoft fashion it’s a laborious, complicated process.  I knew this going in as this is the Microsoft way. 2.  Office365 calendars don’t work well with internet based calendars.  I […]