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Spectre and Meltdown. How Susceptible Are you?

There’s a ton of crap running around about these vulnerabilities.  This video talks about the vulnerabilities on a user level and gives some background on exactly where the problem lies and much you should worry.  A technical paper on this is upcoming.  This is only a basic overview so the non-techies out there can truly understand what is going on.

Is The Cloud About to Become Fog?

It very well could be. right now I am seeing signs about an embargoed(aka being kept secret) serious HARDWARE security problem RE: virtualization(aka the cloud) that affects Intel processors. The amount of software patching going on is massive and even open source software maintainers are keeping a lid on things. Eventually something will either leak or it will get disclosed. Get ready because it appears this could be something really big….I hope this is speculation […]

If you want to have access to Google’s latest technology ...

I have always wondered why Google always struggles to make it’s hardware and new products “stick”. It turns out Google doesn’t really want folks to be subscribed to it’s “Gsuite” accounts. Why do I say this? I just found out that the new Google Assistant(which includes the Pixel, Allo, and Google Home), are NOT compatible with Gsuite, which is the paid subscription e-mail and application hosting from Google. However if you have a free account […]

Time’s ways to not get infected are incomplete.

This is an example of current best practices not being forward thinking enough.  I was recommending my basics of not getting infected way back in 2008.  Time’s article lists the standard advice: The only way to protect against a ransomware attack is rote: keep your operating system up to date, renew your anti-virus software regularly, back up your files on a daily or weekly basis, and never download anything from an email address you don’t recognize. […]

MIcrosoft Office365=fail

Being a Microsoft partner when i saw they were giving MAPS subscribers their top of the line Office365 package I thought this would be great.  I was met with several challenges right off the bat: 1.Setting up the account isn’t straightforward at all.  In typical Microsoft fashion it’s a laborious, complicated process.  I knew this going in as this is the Microsoft way. 2.  Office365 calendars don’t work well with internet based calendars.  I […]