Managed IT and ETC Maryland

ETC Maryland has not jumped into the “managed IT” for quite a while now.  My main concerns were anything cloud based.  While ETC Maryland sees the market demand for network monitoring I was unable to find a solution that met my security standards. One of the things I wanted to find is a remote monitoring agent WITHOUT remote access built in. I do not want to route remote access through a third party. Every single […]

How does ETC Maryland’s Hosting Stack up Against Bigger Companies?

I am a Brunswick based webhost and I wanted to let you all know you do not have to overpay the bigger boys for many things that can be provided at a much more reasonable cost..or even for no additional cost. If you look at only the bottom line you will miss out on some features that really matter to small business websites: I am not going to match $3/month against Bluehost(A company I actually […]

Spectre and Meltdown. How Susceptible Are you?

There’s a ton of crap running around about these vulnerabilities.  This video talks about the vulnerabilities on a user level and gives some background on exactly where the problem lies and much you should worry.  A technical paper on this is upcoming.  This is only a basic overview so the non-techies out there can truly understand what is going on.

Incoming Weirdness Across The Net Today

We are going to see a bunch of weirdness today as all major software vendors are patching their infrastructure against some serious hardware flaws in all CPU chips today. Your machine may say it cannot activate..certain Internet based things may be slow or not work at all…there could be simply strange slowdowns or malfunctions. This is due to massive patching and subsequent rebooting on things all over the net. For folks on-premises stuff patches will […]

Damage Control Begins RE: Intel Hardware Bug

Intel is in full damage control mode about their hardware flaw….unfortunately they are trying to drag AMD down with them….however AMD is vulnerable only in its older CPU products.  Their latest product, XEN(or Ryzen) is not affected as of right now. This is an issue Intel created on its own…and the software development community went along for the ride for the sake of performance. Tomorrow…the full details should come out tomorrow..three CVE’s have already been […]

Intel Skylake and Newer CPUs Expose JTAG Over USB. ...

As if the Minix OS that runs on the chipset of ALL Intel processors isn’t enough…it has now been shown that you do not even need any complicated steps to get to the IntelMe engine.  You can now access JTAG over ANY PCH(southbridge) and it is called DCI(Direct Connect Interface).  With this JTAG access you can access the Minix IntelME directly from USB with no additional security.  You can run ANY code(even unsigned) on the […]


*UPDATE*  It turns out Linux is especially vulnerable to this vulnerability.  this means Android is especially vulnerable.  Linux(and by extension Android) can be tricked into using a zero encryption key which means the attacker can easily watch all traffic on that access point.  this means most home and SMB routers are: 1. Wide open to this attack. 2. Most of them will never get patched for this. Let’s make one thing clear.  This does not […]

Hosting Company Pays Massive Ransomware Payment. Is Your Web ...

This is unfortunate.  I do not wish this type of disaster on anybody.  ANY operating system is vulnerable to ransomware…yes even Apple.  This is why I am a big proponent of ransomware resistant backups. ETC Maryland’s web hosting service has superior data protection for your website data.  My third level of backup is ransomware resistant as it is a versioning, cloud based, pre-encrypted backup. This means ETC Maryland has three tiers of of backups totaling […]

ETC Maryland Adds a Third Backup for all Webhosting Accounts

ETC Maryland continues to enhance its data retention capabilities for all hosting accounts.  ETC Maryland has now added a third backup for all web hosting accounts.  Every night the webservers send a backup to an on premise server inside the datacenter for quick access of first level backups.  The next backup is then sent to an offsite server outside of the datacenter for restoration in case of a fault at the datacenter.  The offsite server then […]

Caution: The Latest IOS and MACOS Update Carries a ...

The newest IOS and MACOS represents a fundamental change in the very guts of the entire Apple ecosystem filesystem.  Apple is changing the underlying file system for all facets of Apple OS operations.  This update is available for all supported IOS/MACOS devices. The new file system is called APFS(Apple File System).  The previous filesystem is 31 years old called HFS(Hierarchical File System).  HFS was originally designed for the floppy disk era and got modified for regular […]