WordPress Minimal Security. A Video by Wordfence

Does your webhost provide everything in this video?  ETC Maryland hosting does.  One of the biggest security lapses is ongoing maintenance of the website code.  This is keeping the sites code updated, protected, account isolation, and multiple layer(and as a bonus ransomware resistant) backups.  ETC Maryland, with it’s fully managed offering, can provide all of these needs for you, all you have to do is keep your content updated.  If you want a lower […]

Microsoft is All in For The Cloud. Welcome Microsoft365

Microsoft started this transitioning the desktop to the cloud back in 2015 with the trademarking of Windows365.  Microsoft then began the move in earnest with Office365 being pushed as the primary way to get Office.  Microsoft has now announced Microsoft Managed Desktop as part of their Microsoft365 platform.  This turns your desktop into a subscription center for everything…from the operating system all the way to your Office to who knows where is now a subscription.  […]

If Your Site is NOT HTTPS Google is Going to ...

ETC Maryland has been HTTPS only for a long time now.  Google has been warning of its intention to start deranking and marking sites as insecure as of today, July 24, 2018.  For both business owners and web design professionals, if your host is not providing HTTPS by default and charging extra for a basic SSL certificate for your site you are being charged for something that costs literally nothing to provide.  For SEO marketing […]

Domain Privacy, Data Security, and WordPress.

I have seen other web hosting companies claim they have free backups, but what do those backups consist of?   The backups that are offered are simply a copy, compressed into one file and then stored locally on the machine that hosts the site.  Worse yet most times that backup file counts against your disk allocation as well.  There are other hosting companies that provide proper backups, aka at least one copy off of the hosting […]

When your outsourced security vendor outsources it’s own security…and things ...

Verizon is trying to make itself out as a security firm…but they failed to ensure their own outsourced vendor had proper security policies and procedures in place: An Israeli technology company has exposed millions of Verizon customer records, ZDNet has learned. As many as 14 million records of subscribers who called the phone giant’s customer services in the past six months were found on an unprotected Amazon S3 storage server controlled by an employee of […]

Make Sure Your Webhost Has Proper Backups

Many web providers out there might have one backup…most do not give you two unless you pay extra.  I hate to see stories like this one…an Australian web host has their systems compromised and they lost everything.  They lost not only their own data but all of their clients data.  What was their biggest flaw?  They did not have an offsite, full, daily, backup for their infrastructure or their client data.  ETC Maryland’s web hosting […]

Major Internet Outage Affecting Comcast and Other Providers

There have been multiple fiber cuts affecting the largest Tier 1 backbone providers.  This is causing connectivity issues for Comcast, Verizon and other providers.  If you are experiencing Internet issues or communications issues this is going to be why.  ETA right now I at least 3-6 hours depending on how quickly crews can get to the affected fiber trunks and/or traffic rerouting can take place. Comcast / Level 3 Issues? (East Cost / Midwest) from […]

How Important is Your Website Security?

Many businesses think their website is just a piece of advertising.  However a website needs to be maintained in terms of updates from a security standpoint.  If your site gets compromised there are tangible detrimental consequences for your business.  Many webhosts give you just some space and send you along your merry way.  If your site gets compromised their extend of fixes is to shutdown your site until you fix things.  While there are many […]

ETC Maryland Rescues Gaming Site

There is a site I frequent called the Christian Gamer’s Alliance.  I used to be many things on the site, server administrator, forums administrator, chat administrator…just to name a few.  Over time I faded away from the site as the clan I was in(God’s Frozen Chosen) disbanded.  The other duties went to other folks who were still active in the Alliance. One day I get contacted by the president of the CGA that their server […]

The FBI’s Nonsensical Advice to Reboot Infected Routers

The gov’t is a dubious source of information about cyber security.  I have personal experience in this area….. Rebooting an infected router will do NOTHING to stop this botnet.  Rebooting the router(and the FBI is aware of this) will only stop the active payload that can lunch attacks.  The payload that allows the re-infection of the device is still inside the devices firmware which will result in a re-infection of the device.  There is only […]