Status Update and Resuming Research

I would like to thank everyone who supported my business for nearly 15 years.  Back in November I was offered, and accepted, full time employment with another company.  This meant i had to not only stop taking on new clients but effectively shutdown my core business as well.  Being self-employed eventually became so much of a burden I (as a single father of two girls) had almost no home life.  I could not effectively market my business, service clients, and continue on the research that drove my business forward.  I had to decide which was more important, my business or my family.  For me that was easy, my family.  The one thing this employment does allow me to do is research projects, which is something I love doing.  Therefore I am changing the name of this site from Emmanuel Technology Consulting to the My Tech blog.  I will continue posting my thoughts on current technology trends as well as long form research papers.  I am working on a long form post about the upcoming Intel CPU bug.  As this now has to be on my spare time I will not have this completed for a bit..possibly 5-7 days once I get everything together.  I will keep a post with status updates on the research paper on another post.   You can see an ongoing status about this here.